About The Real Story

The Very First Incarnation of The Golden Girls -

WHAT MOTHER wants her grown son to move back home so he can pursue his dream of being a stand-up comic? Certainly not Dorothea ....who was enjoying her Florida retirement.... living in Miami Beach with her live-in-love and two girlfriends! Believe it or not, this is the REAL story of The Golden Girls --- who skyrocketed to fame  in 1985 with their hit TV show. Two years before they hit the airwaves, they were introduced to America by local playwright Ginger Reiter (The Jackie Mason Musical) ..... who told their tale in her play at The Barcelona Hotel in Miami Beach. Ginger's hilarious show was hand-delivered to some Hollywood bigwigs -it was presented as a skit - and the next thing you know, the Golden Girls concept was swept away from her. Come see The Golden Girls was they really were .....with one outrageous 

scene updated by Ronnie Larsen.